Speed upDatabasewith SQL ANALYZER

Simple way to monitoring and analyze T-SQL queries performance

What it is

SQL analyzer – simple and powerful tool for monitoring and analysis of T-SQL queries. Created for developers from developers SQL Analyzer ( creators, programmers). It has deep query monitoring system and analyzes it. With system monitoring SQL Analyzer gives
inquest information how queries work in real life.

Productivity (processing power)
Easy installation
SQL Analyzer has easy installation and intuitive interface so you don't need any special knowledge to install and use it.
Queries monitoring
Sometimes system queries take much more time than data queries. Unlike most of similar tools, SQL Analyzer monitors all queries (include MS SQL system queries).
Query score
Our score system makes it possible to estimate T-SQL queries productivity connectly (score based on CPU time used for each query operation).
System monitoring
In real life, many applications are run on the database server, so MS SQL Server productivity may depend on systems Startup. SQL Analyzer tracks basic system process, and giving a real productivity assessment.
Flexible reports
Reports in SQL Analyzer are smarty and simple - you have complete flexible interactive grid with all the information and you can group it as you wish. You also have a diagram report to perform query visualization.
No need for a server
SQL Analyzer doesn't need any special server, change MS SQL Server or database server settings. This option makes SQL Analyzer perfect for analyzing the system on production servers.
No subscription
We are honest with our customers. When you buy SQL Analyzer you there are no hidden subscriptions or other renew payments. Buy when you want and use when you need.
We are keep in touch with our customers. Please write to us and we well do our best to help you in any situation.

Capabilities SQL Analyzer


Demo key
7 days
2 scores monitoring
Monitoring Service
Premium support
Pro key
365 days
All scores monitoring
Monitoring Service
Premium support
Corporate key
730 days
All scores monitoring
Monitoring Service
Premium Support


Up queries performance
Up MS SQL performance
Up server performance

On this short video we demonstrate how you can analyze and speed-up T-SQL queries. Try look our experience and you understand about SQL Analyzer perfect tool for speedup queries and database on total. Smart, Fast and Easy.


I’ve been using SQL Analyzer for about a month and I can tell you that it is an amazing application! It makes the entire process of tracking database speed incredibly simple.
Alex Chin
Our team is able to work much more efficiently with SQL Analyzer. As a matter of fact, when we do analyze of software we want to stable work of our database servers - SQL Analyzer make this process more fast!
Rolf Mogensen
Project Manager
Loving it...SQL Analyzer is saving my time! I absolutely surprised about things which i make in a hours use default Profiler i can make at couple of second with SQL Analyzer.
Aran Haal
For the past two days I am using SQL Analyzer, it has helped me in more ways I could imagine! This software really save my project! When need analyze big database's in short time SQL Analyzer always show real resources which each query need, without of long investigation.
Bill Alvares
If you want to take charge of your life and free yourself from time-pressure, even if you have a lot of server for monitoring at the same time, and if prefer optimal solution, then SQL Analyzer is just for you!
Amanda Lich
Project Manager

Frequently Asking Questions

How can I try the SQL Analyzer?
We are honest and you can download SQL Analyzer Demo for free. Credit cards not required. After installation you have 7 days time for try key functions of SQL Analyzer.
How can I buy the SQL Analyzer?
You can buy SQL Analyzer in our shop. After buy you receive instruction with software activation to your email.
Which queries i can monitoring and analyze?
SQL Analyzer can monitoring and analyze all T-SQL queries on Microsoft SQL server which run over Windows operation system.
What Score system is?
Score system - system of point for queries which analyze all aspects of queries work and give points for each performance value. Score points also assigned to database server and system on total in moment when each query was executed so you always see complete picture of queries execution and database work.
Can I upgrade my Pro license to Corporate?
If you need upgrade your license please contact with us by email support@sql-analyzer.com or contact form.